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college starts on the 25th. i think that i am ready. gotta buy my books soon. i dont feel anxiety. i feel relief. went to the movies last night in manhattan. caught will smith searching for cures. he died in the end but i fell asleep. came back to brooklyn, went to a restaurant opening, didn’t drink or eat, just gyrated to nostalgic music.
man i need music in my life. everybody riding the subway got their music. i am jealous to the core. gotta get a player on the net but those i have seen don’t tease me. and i gotta get a sweet notebook too. time to get greasy again. time to get addicted again to cyber life. and poetry and the wickedest art. you feel me.

2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Wow, man. You’re in New York now? Sweet! I bet you’re really seeing some stuff.<br/><br/>The thing about iPods on the subway: The freakin sounds on the subway are so loud that you can’t even hear your iPod unless you turn it up to ear drum blasting levels. Gotta get some of those noise cancel ear phones. <br/><br/>If I ever went up there, I think I’d go to that Bowery Poetry Club.

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