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Bought a toshiba notebook from circuit city amidst a flant hdtv buying frenzy. Damn I couldn’t believe my eyes man. All kind of inches from 36 right up to 62. The satisfied customers beamed while my bro couldn’t stop hollering about how the ny giants had triggered the buying avalanche. Quite amusing if you ask me. I mean it is just a game but who am I to come betwitx man and his addictions. Who am I poor mortal to question the human condition you feel me? So I am playing with my machine. Is all good. It works like a charm. Soon am installing linux on that pc. Getting hardcore again to the max. saw lotsa cool machines at the store. The hp machines were fabulous but the budget was in recession so I was forced to be realistic. This beast here got 2 gigs of memory, runs a dual core intel processor combined with 160gigs of hard drive space so I am cool for now I reckon. In the end it is just a machine. When I configure it to do my artistic bidding it becomes an extension of my vision. Nothing more and nothing less. I just hope my love gets her own real soon. I only want the best for her. Is all I ever wanted.


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