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i guess my friends back home had a grand time for the carnival but it is over now. i hope they are completely satiated. i don’t feel the carnival spirit anymore. maybe i have moved on. as usual i let my spirit roam free. wherever i will follow. still searching for that zen, enlightenment beckons in babylon. is it possible to achieve enlightenment in the midst of a bustling city like new york?
college is getting hectic. i am still a stranger in a strange land. getting lost in the hallways. cameras are ubiquitous here. the students are normal like college people everywhere. they do what they gotta do and leave well alone. i love the anonymity of new york college life.
went to a computer show on sunday in the gymansium of york college in queens. impressive notebooks were on display. you could have gotten a real powerful pc for cheap. these are the days of mobile hardware. the once ubiquitous pc seems headed for jurassic days. my fav OS linux was hardly represented. i saw only one guy running knoppix on a real old machine. i got a few things not the real desires though. i will definitely keep monitoring the interweb for shows in my area. tis a good place to hangout with like minded tech fiends.


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