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A spirit bought me an mp3 player. She wants an mp3 player. Wish we could have exchanged it in the snow today. Luckily we got photos. Studied in the library. Twas a holiday. The snow fell heavy yesterday. We trudged through it. It wasn’t that cold. today the ice is melting, slippery shit. might break your spine. at least my nostrils are blocked. Hopefully they will release soon enough. On television people felt that winter had finally come. In it’s dying stages it shows up with mad snow to remind us I reckon. Who is boss. Whatever I just want the cold to get disappeared. Need to rollerblade and jog, for my sweat to flow. Working on an article about international students. I see myself more as a transient. The world is mine. I own it and yet I disown it. Sometimes everything is just an illusion. It’s like am in the toilet of the library in bushwick taking a piss and it hits me. Tis the first time I have come to the library in bushwick. Damn the first time after so many years on earth. Life is mad strange. We are all transients. The people riding the subway are transients. Where are we headed? How many places will be spared our humanity?


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