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weekend comes. Long weekend. President day monday. Am always off on friday though so my weekend is always longer. Went to the movies on friday. Saw jumper, film about teleportation. The plot lacked a certain something. I was feeling for a deeper style. Nevertheless I loved the action. What would you do if you could teleport?
Later I hopped the bus to kings plaza. Long ride from downtown brooklyn. Got my mp3 player yesterday so the music was playing dope in my ears. It is a sansa 4 gig player. It has some pretty good software installed and the interface is mad bright. Reminds me of the samsung players.

didn’t stay long in the mall. didn’t find the headphones that I came for. People love malls. Usually they are just milling around looking for who knows what. I saw them feeding. New York is always feeding. A perpetual meat fest. I ate some good broccoli rolls at a spanish eatery. They need these kind of places in malls. Vegan cuisine even.

My first podcast is overdue. Got a brand new idea. A wicked beat thing as usual. don’t hold ya breath.
For now I got this gibson reading, “pattern recognition” explains our cyber now. He got his game for sure. He know the cyber. He should write a movie for cyber punks.


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  1. Pattern Recognition is a phenomnal book as are several of his others including my favorite Idoru, Mona Lisa Smile, and All Tomorrow’s Parties. Can’t wait to read his new one Spook Country.<br/><br/>I know that Mona Lisa Smile is in development as a movie but how much Gibson is actually involved, I do not know.

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