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time got back regular and I woke up late for the first time. My clock hadn’t caught on. I felt like Cayce in pattern recognition waiting for her soul to catch up. Time eventually fixed that. Feels good though now that the days are longer. When I get home from school now it is still bright and promising. I can shed skin. I can teleport to another reality. They say it gets mad hot in the summer. My bro says that he loves winter. Well he can give me his piece of sun. I could store it for posterity cos we are definitely gonna need it when the hard days come.

So am up early digging the nationals, (one of my woman’s indie favs) and stretching, releasing endorphins, anticipating brooklyn.

Caught vantage point at the cinema weekend past. Enjoyed the film without it blowing me away or boring me to sleep. It never tried to change american cinema for sure.

Anna knows.


3 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Hey man: Did you hear about those Cuban soccer players who defected? Their under-23 squad. <br/><br/>That story really hit me. <br/><br/>Yeah, they’re going to try to play pro in America now. The Miami Herald had a great story about them. I don’t know if the link will display correctly when I paste it in here:<br/><br/>http://www.miamiherald.com/628/story/456203.html

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