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my desperation and perseverance paid off. My linux obsession bubbles over. After a month of trying to get the wireless on my linux box to work it finally did with some modified drivers I managed to find on the deepest interweb. I was freaking elated man. Felt like a cloud burst. I was actually hooking up a windows machine for the landlord and at the same time I was tweaking my toshiba notebook using her cable modem connection. Killed two birds with one desperate rock I reckon. So it goes to show you don’t give up ever. Even if your brain is boiling you trod on till you reach zion.

Now I got a math test in the week. Whatever something will have to give. The English is getting to critical thinking. I feel like I understand what I am suppose to say at the most inopportune moment. The Web tech is sliding along in the buffer zone between internet 1 and web 3G. Sooner than later I will get to the heart of the tech I came here for.

Art is haunting me again. Have I failed to impress it? Is it the reckoning time of no return?


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