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Serj dropped it like a soldier. That album is 10 stars and counting. Mad fresh unlike the generic shit the industry lives and will die for. Are we not tired of that straight radio formulaic rehash. it’s like the movies too playing a bullshit theme that revolves around some tired worn out vision. Then they invented reality television to finally bury spontaneity. They figured they might as well script our boring lives and we let them get away with it. At least we got the interweb for now but bad guys are tripping or is it the other way around. A power to the people, a voice medium for whoever who feels really alive. Already I can see the conflict between those who can see the matrix and those who don’t even realize that they haven’t even really spoken no matter how long that they have lived. Well that’s my rant for easter.
So I caved to catharcyst paranoia and revamped catharcyst. More minimalistic I reckon. Straight to the point and nothing besides. Well a zen madness if you want that existence. Might as well put the college hours to some good use. Still a novice. Learning to eat the crumbs of code that filter through. I feel that coding is an art form for the coder that is wired that way. Beautiful how you can manipulate ones and zeros into magical interfaces and make mortals swoon. At least some can induce that orgasmic rapture. Where do I it in? And I hate mediocrity.


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