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sooner or later you bend to the other phase of your life and the past is frozen forever. Sometimes you might heat it for a little thawing out in times of intense reflection but that lasts only an instant. Some people don’t even have the audacity to remember. Some are expert at fading away. We live our lives in leaps of moments. We are citizens of eras. I try to seize the moment every chance I get. When am walking I try to eat every step. When am awake I want to be totally addicted now. This is impossible but I work at it. The enlightenment is worth it no matter how crucial the struggle.


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  1. I see what you mean about our two recent posts. I don’t know how I got to thinking about memories so much lately.<br/><br/>Addicted to life! To each moment! That’s the way. That’s the best strategy. This is very inspiring. <br/><br/>Sometimes I lose my way a little bit, and I don’t know how to get my feet back on the path. Where does this mode of being originate? Like do I just decide to savor each moment? Or does some set of lucky circumstances have to occur and then this mode just overtakes me?<br/><br/>I tell you one thing I’ve noticed. At night I’ll step outside and stare up into the sky and look at the stars – and look and look until my neck gets tired or I get a little dizzy – and I feel it then. Sometimes.

  2. i’ve tried to live in the present moment..and i have succeeded at times, but can never hold on completely. it drives me crazy as enlightenment is suppose to be now…which means it is accessible whenever you want to grasp it. <br/><br/>it is comforting, but in a way it is just a big tease as well….it is right there, you just have to grab it, but you can’t…so you don’t need a big event to happen, but sometimes it helps to be shocked into that state of being…you are there without realizing how you landed there.<br/><br/>for now, i am coming to terms with being in the present simultaneously with the past and the future. my brain bounces back and forth. i think it is okay, to recognize the past but not to dwell on it. to think of the future but not only live for it…and connecting the three as one, because in a way, don’t they all exist at the same time??<br/><br/>does this make any sense?

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