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have you ever wondered what ubiquitous wifi actually means from a paranoid viewpoint? There have been lots of ramblings about the inevitableness of the world becoming one huge hotspot instead of a billion little wifis. I do love the access but is it not frightening that there will not be a place left where you can close your eyes without the constant simstim in your face? Sometimes I feel the information overload twisting my screws but I can shut it off. The choice is still alive, I can still wipe a tear with human will. No doubt that we are the most tech lusting generation. Our every waking moment defaults to digital. For instance I have just awaken with the notebook next to me on the bed. I reached over, struck the power button before I even stretched out of the sandman’s grip. What if it was the machine that reached over and powered me on? Sometimes I feel like it’s too much. Lots of unnecessary widgets created by hype for web 2.0 insanity. Every time I log into netvibes there’s another startup offering something I don’t even understand that I need. Somehow they will make me need it and then what. I do admire their coding and entrepreneurial skills but I wonder about their motives. I don’t presume to know what the world needs but I do know that right now we are forcing the tech, inventing for its own sake instead of creating because of necessity or even desperation. Some say the future is now. I wonder what the future is.


2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. RIGHT<br/><br/>ON<br/><br/>!<br/><br/>Man, I am now addicted to Twitter, right, and I saw this quote on there that somebody dropped, check it out:<br/><br/>Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. <br/>– Martin Luther King Jr.

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