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in our new media writing class we discussed the great Socrates in relation to an essay in the textbook. His philosophy still resonates today it seems. Wish our contemporary leaders had a little more of Socrates in them. Wishful thinking I know but you can always hope. We talked about imagination and the need to keep it very much alive cos without it we suffer. Mugabe might be gone and this is good news. Why do people think that they know what is best for others? Then they impose their bullshit on millions for decades spilling blood, causing grief with totalitarian paranoia. I know I know I have blogged about this before but it just kicks me in the gut you know. These sick people don’t understand we got better things to do than get paranoid about isms and schisms and what system will deliver nirvana. We don’t have time man for all that jazz. Time is our enemy. We need to move. Need to cure disease and feed the poor. The planet is tripping man. These megalomaniacs should go drown themselves in the madness that spawned them in the first place. You know so many good people have suffered and died because of these fools. The best way to deal with these fools is by starting with yourself. Getting that awareness so that their slime don’t access your inner soul. It is very personal. Gotta get real strong inside and then all forms of racism and paranoid philosophy won’t ever touch to the point where you blame peoples for your plight. You need to get enlightened to see the world as it is. Gotta peel the facade away. Gotta be brave enough to know that all is not what it seems. Don’t make them break your spirit. Life is much more than bread and water.


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