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when i was walking on the boardwalk in coney island an open perspective filled up my everything quite unlike the mostly suffocating essence of the subway. here the beach stretched to its most natural state. the pier floated out of the way to where you could breathe like it’s meant to breathe. i got a sense that the people were far more relaxed here though i could be wrong. this larger space is what we are all searching for in the ultimate scheme of things. we are happier as a species under a full sky. for claustrophobes like me space is everything. my mood brightens. i laugh fuller. i feel like am on top of the world. in the future space gonna be a priority man. like water man we gonna be fighting for that. more than money more than oil or clothes and luxuries. so when it’s all said and done the natural things are most important no matter how babylon tries to blind us into killing each other for the mundane.


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