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my college has caught the idol bug. you win an ipod for your embarrassement. they said to sing till you puke. i hope to get involved in some art thing next semester. get into the open mic vibes or something. am not one of the slam freaks though. i prefer to bleed slowly into my utterances. more like how kerouac did “on the road”. i think performance is relative. some like it stabbing their bellies. some prefer to snort it. some wanna just unwind. it’s the same listening, absorbing even. do what you gotta do. i wonder how many poets would actually kill for their art? every poem is different and even if that same poem was rewritten it could never be the same. cause the time has shifted into another space or the other way around. gotta envy God man. diggin time and space from the outside. wow. i hope one day i can feel that. divinity to the max..


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