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How would you rate hip hop music today? Do you think that hip hop has peaked and is on it’s way back down to a mere curiosity? I know there are some real cutting edge rap music still tearing up the underground. Whether they see the light of popularity remains to be seen. I know for sure that hip hop needs a renaissance. We need the protest music to rise up again. We need pure artists who are clamoring for change. Where’s the revolution promised from the hardcore pioneers? It’s all soft now. Bling soft even. I never did get bling though. What’s it about? Why can’t you stand like a man and let ya lyrics flame the facade? Why should my chains define me? Chains enslave people whether it shimmers or cuts into your flesh. Back in the Caribbean my friends and I listened to hip hop constantly mostly the harder stuff though. It made quite strong impression on us. We could identify with the themes in the songs. we hardly noticed the bling. But I guess people are people everywhere and some of other kids in the neighborhood did fall for the surface bling instead of the underlying raging currents. Today I dig hip hop with an ever discerning ear. Weezy does it for me because of his versatility. I see him more as an artist than merely a hip hop icon. I rate him as the best who is flinging lyrics today. We need more like him for hip hop to make that much needed mutation or it becomes just another flame that cried.


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