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What is the artist responsibility? To tell the truth or distort reality to serve the needs of the day? Maybe the artist just does his thing as it comes to her or him in the madness of art. I think that historical accuracy should count for something especially in films. Art must remain rebel to have any sense of relevance. Nevertheless I think art critics are mostly over rated. I could write a piece of poetry and fifty critics could come up with all kinds of interpretations and yet I was just talking about having a drink with my friends on a friday evening. But everyone gotta eat so it’s all good. Some of the films that the critics deem as worthless are my favorite movies. Art for me is subjective. So I ask the question of my peers. What constitutes good or bad art?


2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Art is as personal as religion.<br/><br/>For me, it is whatever I feel it is.<br/><br/>At least on that particular day. :)<br/><br/>But Calliope Nerve is always art. :)<br/><br/>Cheap shameless plug I know.

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