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Rediscovered Iron Maiden. Got back into a metal kind of feeling. Can I play with madness? I was a serious head banger before. Time surely taunts us man. Wish I could taunt it back. Maybe one day when there are no more days and we are all beyond time. For now I take it like no tomorrow, never yesterday. I take it strong and straight to the heart of the matter.
When I got my brow pierced I asked the guy about tattoo removal. I got one that I gotta really delete. He said the best way would be too create a new one over it. So I like take about two laser treatments which would make the original one much lighter and then just paint over it. Sounds good to me. Soon as the money is right though. Am a get a tribal. Modern primitive hipness even.


6 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Can I Play With Madness is a great tune but my Iron Maiden favorites are The Wickerman, Run to the Hills, and Number of the Beast.<br/><br/>I believe WASP and Iron Maiden are the only two world famous old school acts I haven’t seen.<br/><br/>Everyone else from Judas Priest to Anthrax to Slayer to Iced Earth, Manowar and beyond I’ve seen. <br/><br/>That’s the only downside to a large family is I only see three or four shows a year now when I used to see that many a month.

  2. thnx trisha i will chx out ya site.<br/><br/>hey nobius you lucky man. haven’t seen any bands live yet. hope that changes in the future.

  3. Run to the Hills! There was a video for that one on MTV, it was sweet.<br/><br/>Slayer – hell yes! South of Heaven. That takes me back back back. <br/><br/>It gets the adrenaline pumpin hard.

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