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does it matter matter if mars has water? What about the water here on earth that gets more polluted everyday by our brainless activities? What if there is indeed life on mars but it is totally unlike the kind of life we are accustomed too? What if it is a life form that don’t need air to survive or the other essentials that makes life possible on earth? Our definition of life would have to change. What about other dimensions? What if death was merely us shifting sideways. Instead of moving forward in space and time we move across it. I know am asking a lot of ifs but that’s how my brain tingles today. Plus I hardly watch television.


4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. There’s life we can’t even see.<br/><br/>Sometimes I think it’s up to the individual to keep his psyche or soul or signal packets intact. The individual must know that she or he must achieve and maintain in The Wholeness.<br/><br/>TV is twentieth century. (I wish I had a way to watch soccer though. If I were to spend an entire soccer match in a bar, I’d drink myself silly for sure.)

  2. yup man. watching soccer in a bar is mad awesome. i can remember the previous world cups with my friends as some god drunken times especially when brazil won

  3. scientists until recently thought photosynthesis was the start of life. turns out there are worms that live in the deep ocean sans sunlight next to volcanic vents and live via chemosynthesis. in other words, there is life on this planet no matter how remote and the discovery of these worms already rewrites the definitions of life. so the life on mars is neither impossible or even unlikely. it is a definite maybe. <br/><br/>been digging yr work for a few weeks now. i’ve been a reader of yr blog for years now but the recent ‘calliope nerve’ with yr poems got me all fired up. we are also blogmates at takingthebrim. so from one poet to another here in the ether, hello.

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