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anime frenzy for now. getting that japanese take on existence even. am late in the scene but its all good. claymore and vampire knight was real good. now am checking out ghost in the shell the second season. gotta catch the first season soon. seems that microblogging is all the rage. we are all ensnared by the one line post. some say traditional blogging will disappear. well once we are able to share out madness with world is all that matters. so twitter will be the big gun and then twine. is all good. the web marches on. do your do and never fade.


4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Hmm…never heard of microblogging before.<br/><br/>The various Ghost in the Shell manga and anime are great. I love Stand Alone Complex.

  2. Wired had a good article about Twitter saying that the value is in the cumulative effect. True, you can’t say a whole lot in the 140 characters. But the more you hear tweets from people throughout the day and throughout the week, the more you really get to know them, you get a sixth sense about them.

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