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Web video is pretty much ubiquitous. With Youtube leading a slew of imitators, the internet in it’s present incarnation as web 2.0 has embraced video like never before. Millions of videos are churning on the inter web. It’s all out there online, from dogs doing tricks to cooking lessons. Whatever you can conceive of you can find on a video portal near you. Thousands of videos are uploaded everyday. This has led to incredible strains on the storage capacity of the internet. The costs involved in maintaining that kind of storage can no longer be ignored. Sooner or later there will have to be a compromise. Either people pay to upload whatever content they want or be restricted to a monthly or daily quota. The video companies will have to decide. I fear a backlash. We all want the net to be free but there’s nothing as a free lunch forever. A third solution could be the creation of a whole new type of video format. The video files would be encoded to a fraction of their original size while preserving their former quality. Maybe there are software engineers who are already working on that problem. The tech future will tell us. What do you think?


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  1. It’s inevitable. There are too many sites opening up at one time. It’s not just with vids either, but music as well. And all these sites are competing for the most members…unlimited uploads for free…that never lasts. I joined a site for licensing my music and it was free, unlimited uploads. Now that the site is becoming popular, we all have to pay for the service which I knew was going to eventually happen, but I already dish out tons of money for my projects. But, you can’t deny that it costs lots of money to hosts all these files and pretty soon, either you pay your share or the site closes. Great post…sorry if I’m rambling.

  2. I hope so because I’m broke working with all these sites…lol. They serve their purpose though but there should be a better way of handling this. Another thing, what about all these dead sites on the internet that have never been taken down/deleted hogging up unnecessary space.

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