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You turn your back on your past but it returns ever so subtle to clog the pathways of your progress. When people hate you they hate you forever. Some say that people change. I think we just deny the reality of our most sacred feelings. Eventually even the pious and humble saint refuses to open up again. They stitch back the mask and rejoin the game. They play hardest this time and they play for keeps.


6 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Man, I can’t imagine anybody ever hating you. It is impossible for me to imagine that as a matter of fact. I’m not blowing smoke either. <br/><br/>I like the new look man!

  2. thanks peoples. i wanted to go more minimalistic even. man i wrote that piece some months ago actually when some shit had gone down wit some fiends. anyhows i have moved on. is all good. am blogging stuff here that i had written for catharcyst.com etc. cool

  3. The past never dies, it just keeps recycling itself. I’ve come to accept that and try to stay away from everyone…lol..that’s sad.<br/><br/>I have a new blog for Lady Venom and Beautifully Dead. I couldn’t get on my last one for some reason and that’s the second time this year, so I’ve moved http://lady-venom.blogspot.com<br/><br/>My Ofira Sephiroth blog is http://ofirasephiroth.blogspot.com<br/><br/>Love the new layout. Black is a wonderful color.

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