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The Baddies Net

Black hat versus white hat and what sound does grey hats make?

Tis the nightmare net. Countless security sites and forums preach about the outlaws of cyberspace. No domain is safe. Yesterday’s web was virus downloads that destroyed your data. Today it is trojans that steal your information and exploit ridden sites that trick you to give up your data to the darknet. Tomorrow we might actually die from malware code infected into our brains when jacking in will be possible. To the mundane this might seem real farfetched and wacky but the farsighted security gurus know that the time is coming. In the anime series ghost in the shell you get your frontal lobes fried by firewalls in the net if you are less than an elite hacker.

Who are the elite hackers? Will they save or destroy the net? Surely they love the net more than the power they yield?

White hat stalking black hat. Where does grey ping?


4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. That’s scary man. Yeah, have you read about thought helmets and that company Emotiv Systems and all that? <br/><br/>What’s it going to be: If you walk through certain wifi hotspots, your brain just fries? Or they can get you anywhere a cell phone signal can reach?

  2. well i think that deep down we got an inkling of what we are becoming. we are just too lazy to even fake an awareness of it.

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