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These are the days of our lives. Don’t count sheep when you can’t sleep. Better create something to last, something sacred even. My birthday passed without a hitch and I vowed to keep on rolling into the new country. Got an acoustic guitar like some kind of epiphany. Had to re-strung it cause am left handed. Goes to show you must be willing to flip things when the view gets muddied. I hope the light shines brighter tomorrow. Financial woes dominates the headlines but we just want the simple things. The ones who scream the most are the ones who got it made. They don’t want to lose not even a sliver of silver. The status quo must be maintained at all costs, by any means necessary. No one wants to step out of their comfort zone. But nothing is guaranteed anymore. Actually it never was. The future will tell us and not the other way around. I got new music and am diving in. soundtrack of adulthood, a british indie film is real gritty, grimy even. They got that fresh underground uncompromising mystique. This music is raw like the midnight meat train even.


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