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you know this existence is like we are on parole. you better do right or else you land right back in the slammer. who’s got the keys man? who’s holding the door? i want to be the portal and i want freedom always. them people back home tripping with my paper. i am tired of calling. i am tired of the vindictive mindset. live and let live. and die even. don’t have time to dwell on the cesspool. maybe they want me to bow at the altar of stupidity. i could write a new song for the nation. my art is always fresh and willing. you think there is time for more ignorance? the ignorant won’t inherit the future. slavery was never in my seed. don’t get it twisted. just need my paper and we can play the game called get disappeared.


3 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Your voice leaps off the screen in this last post. I hear something I haven’t heard before in your writing. It is less restrained. More antic, and bold.

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