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a little cold don’t hurt. but the world economy is tripping. you wonder what economy they are talking about. must be the rich folks thing huh. i see people still eating. buying food in the bodegas where i live. so you wonder what the hell is going on? are rich people running scared? is the stone age coming back hard? is money as we know it tripping out the door and barter tripping back in? a cabbage for a lettuce. water for oil. you know how it go. you know things been changing for a long time now. it started real subtle and now the pace is quickening man. a new world is here. a new wind is blowing straight up to revelation man. you can’t stop time. ain’t nothing gonna last forever. sooner we accept that sooner we are free. man one day you wake up and everybody is gone. you look out the door and you see strangers. the human heart is mad strange man. people getting stranger. rapture coming hard and fast and no matter what babylon says you best be prepared. it will always be a humanistic vibes. tis about you and your conscience. get conscious. recognize once and for all that we are all connected in this amageddon. ain’t nobody getting out alive. don’t ever get it twisted. we are all in the same tripping boat.


4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. "tis about you and your conscience, get conscious"<br/><br/>Do you by any chance do spoken word? That’s the rhythm and feel i get from your bursts of poetry.

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