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staying fresh among people takes strong awareness. when you first meet people they are all fascinated by what they think you are. only you know what you are. they want to feed on you. they want your life sliced open, every morsel of info laid out for them to judge and discard. soon you are all washed up. you have become the has been. for sure you will be introduced around as poet or salesman but never as stranger again. you have been condemned to the dustbin of gossip. you no longer matter. they are already looking for the new thing. don’t ever become too comfortable around the herd. always be aware of what they are seeking. they have real crazy expectations. they want the moon man in their bed. they want van gogh under their skin. always look into their eyes. look for that subtle synapse that gives them away. the world is a vampire. it never stops sucking. it needs its fix and the drug is you fresh like spring. better to keep still and watch the scene play out. they will get tired if you keep them at arms length. you must show them that you know what is going on. you know how the world works. it never sleeps and everyone is a piece of meat to be devoured just before the worms starts to feed….

did a ghoul get you on halloween? i saw lots of characters in the village but bansky was closed. was a bummer to miss that exhibit. the little that was exposed to the street was intriguing. a coat breathed like a sleeping leopard, video cameras bonded as a family and chicken nuggets as real chickens. great stuff. art like only bansky does it. art was the realest thing for miles. the ghouls got lost in the crowd. a japanese girl gave me war paint. i painted my face red so that hopefully the aliens would have a better shot. i never got picked up. next time. always the next time for the war of the worlds.


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