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moms birthday comes again. we wish her the best of love and life. we are forever grateful for the eternal gifts that she bestowed on us. i mean i could have been a stark raving lunatic if it wasn’t for her. i turned into a stark raving lunatic poet instead. yup she gave me the goods. i see inside the world and i hear butterflies plotting with antelopes on how to hasten our demise. wish i knew the answer though. but what kind of burden would that be. like atlas holding up worlds? hmm. some are born for that. others are the poets. the messengers. the soothsayers. the dreamers. and others are the killers of the dreams. beware the killers


6 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Well, I saw your post entitled "Karma Scale" and it appears as if you’re sunsetting <a href=’http://www.catharcyst.com/’ rel=’nofollow’>Catharcyst</a>, but I wasn’t sure….<br/><br/>so I thought I’d inquire. <br/><br/>Just curious.

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