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Well the bad guys are on a rampage again. Murder, murder, kill, kill. They savaged Mumbai like animals in the killing fields. My heart goes out to the dead and suffering. We condemned those who kill to enforce their will. Seems no one is safe ever. Just two days ago we celebrated the multicultural aspect of our campus. It was a sweet gathering. Our Indian friends were there enjoying themselves and now sorrow. Crazy world huh. Freedom is always at stake. Why all the hate? Same red blood that runs in our veins yet some believe that they are superior. Why all the hate? Same organs. Same breath that expires in the end. Same dust. Same skeleton. Yet some feel that they have the right to control others. When will people really start looking in the mirror? Take a real good look mankind. Who are you? What have you done to deserve first place? Are you really worthy to claim the crown? You keep destroying mankind. You will extinct yourself mankind. You can’t win this mankind. No one gets out alive so go figure.


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  1. hmmm,<br/><br/>since the planet is round and it’s true that what goes around is exactly what comes around, then it sort of makes me wonder just what’s to come of America, and it’s desired washing by some other groups of people who think US FOUL.<br/><br/><br/>I think I’ll just go and have a canday bar….{refusing to think about america’s enemies}

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