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Everybody is corrupt? No one is immune? Everybody wants paper but only a few hold the key. It is a daily struggle between haves and have nots. When the economy tank does that mean the line between rich and poor blurs or becomes more pronounced? Aren’t we all writhing in the same stranded ship? Somehow I think there’s more to this present atmosphere of financial pessimism. Something’s a foot. It will be revealed shortly. A quickening if you may. The change that surely comes after the dust has cleared is almost here. The financial system will change forever. Money will be rebooted to reflect the digital world we have inherited. Who controls that digital information controls the money. Does not matter if you hold fat wads of cash in your basement. To function in this system you need to convert that money into digital signatures. Those with mad digital skills hold the key now. Cybercrime merely exposes the truth. This is a very vulnerable system. A click of the mouse can erase your future. You trust the banks and the banks trusts inept admins. So what other options do you have? Not many but you need to use the net like a warrior and find out everything you know. Use that knowledge database like a junkie. Maybe the junkies will inherit the earth afterall.


4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. a crusty old man<br/>his name <br/>is paul<br/>talks good sense<br/>and explains it all<br/><br/>not all as you thought<br/>not digital at all<br/>we trusted<br/>big government<br/>big banks at the mall<br/>yet we trusted ourselves<br/>not at all.

  2. I just hope the net stays neutral enough so a scribbler like me can scribble. I am predestined-priced out of the high dollar big ticket. (It’d be nice to get a grant or something though. Ha!)

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