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Bad economy? Blame me. I am us. I represent excess. But I’m an outlander so what gives? Some say as soon as you enter the American system you become the same gorging reprehensible glutton. But I don’t feed like that. I don’t drive gas guzzling machines. I don’t throw trash on the street. I believe in green because I came from green. Will green save the world’s economy? To put it mildly those countries that continue to pollute like there’s no tomorrow well there won’t be tomorrow at least for us. Those who continue to waste precious resources will perish. You better get ready for the water wars. There comes a time when we will know what true thirst is. Will not matter whether you are the king of dubai or a slum dog hustler. Can’t keep polluting the water. Can’t keep poisoning our home without fierce repercussions. We will poison our selves out of existence. We are living in a selfish facade. Check out Aftermath:Population Zero


5 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. The economy is tatters<br/>we must<br/>buy more<br/>buy more<br/>buy more<br/>we must stimulate<br/>demand<br/>that will say us<br/>so saith keynes<br/>so saith we all<br/>after all<br/>we are<br/>patriots.

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