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seems that pron got through comcast’s television defenses. just when arizona was crashing through the gates of the steelers. guess pron is like water. it will find a way to bust through the barriers. comcast must be livid. will they get sued by the moralistic moralists? thirty seconds of smut worth a billion dollars? one of the best super bowls. can we move on now? IRC freaks didn’t give a shit. they be like is that superbowl shit done yet? is the office on already? this is the tragic proverbial attitude of our times. can we move on already? my brother wishes that the day ran longer with more hours. to do what? but i know the answer. we desire to find what will never be found because we are looking in the wrong direction. modernity screams think outside the box. whatever that means? we can barely grasp the meanings five steps beyond our comfort zone. so how the hell are we thinking outside the box?


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