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Dreamed about a lion trying to cut me in half. I refused to die. My hand was stuck between its teeth but I never saw blood. This is a bad thing indeed. To bleed is to be alive. I wait for the that lion today. It better have the answers that I forgot just before rationality poisoned the garden. I try to conjure primeval mankind on the cusp of enlightenment. What mad expectations seized him in his convulsing joyful terror? Well we sure got our grief and mortal bits. Pandora got us good. Forever we gasp for fullness that stalks the shadows of the empty. The light is fading fast. The lion is at the door. We are empty.


One thought on “Untitled

  1. lion = sun = rational mind = enlightenment = intellect.<br/><br/>teeth divide, they cut, swords represent air, represent intellect. The overactive intellect drains your life’s energy. It’s the spiral of justification. Why? Why? Why?<br/><br/>The problem is justification. I recommend Bartley, _the Retreat to Commitment_.

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