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got frustrated in design class then i just chilled and completed the tasks at hand. saw a different shape when i was done. this is the objective of this course i reckon. to find something new in every design we conjure. we learn a new thing everyday but how much of it is life changing or even exciting? the dull seems to be the norm. we look forward to boring static each and every day. i struggle to stay fresh every chance i get. sometimes i just struggle to speak. some struggle to breathe. how’s that for a boring life? well i got my kicks from the sun earlier. the sun was flashing hot and sweet in my face while i rode the bus and then the train. God swirled in my thoughts. Summer and rebirth pulled me close. I felt alive. plus the music was in my ears. stuck on random it bubbled over. random playing music is divine. i want to chase the sun tomorrow wherever it burns…


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