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first things first: congrats to kayan. you did ya best and ya best conquered. the sewo is almost done. hope my friends and freaks alike partied to the edge of their passion. my second carnival missed in a row. i am in a different realm now. a new existence maybe. the net brings news from my home world. tis good to watch from without. i hope the country made mad money from the spectacle. we need this money no doubt. so the hours counting down. get ya groove on. my bro must be in the band now doing his wild thing. damn big up to meshy. i swore i saw you in a pic on the opening. you looked like you were tripping with our african anscestors. they must have been prancing all around you. you must have sensed them. i know you sensed them. drink a hard one for me. give them their due. tomorrow we bury karnaval for another year.


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  1. word. cheers to kayan. making us proud and shit and at the same time taking what is yours. setting up the scene and playing it out. u earned it. and big up 2 the sewo in dominicaland. will head to the bodega to celebrate this one out in bk.

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