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Something about guns triggers the primal in lots of people. Dominica has caught the bug. Latest news from home is about shooting and killing. Talking to my friends on the net and the first thing is about how another youth got shot. Just like in ny. Big city vibes in a small nation. The solution. No solution. People don’t want to reason anymore. That gangsta shit is the norm. You better be gangsta or get disappeared. You be gangsta you get the girls. Not really. I rather be a geek. Geeks rule the world. The best trigger is a computer keyboard. Your brain is the best ammo ever. Can you tell that to 15 yr olds running their streets and slinging rocks? Hell no! They want to learn the hard way. They will learn the hard way. Dominica is learning the hard way. I got a brother back home so I am always paranoid when I go on Dominica news sites. Don’t want to see his mug on there twisted by bullets? He is a welder man. He got his shit to do. So keep your guns in your dreams. I could sell you a silver bullet for the witching hours when you can’t sleep. Blank them nightmares with silver bullets. You wake up with a new found appreciation for life. Life is precious. Gangsta is overrated. Don’t ever get it twisted.


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  1. yup. war all the time thursday said. fro shitstem to street. the young will fall because they have yet understood and the bureaucracy perpetuates the shit because they will never understand or sometimes because they understand too well and want to maintain control. so the endless cycle continues.

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