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encrypt encrypt encrypt! a geek forgets. so i lost my 4 gig usb stick today on a school computer. what will they use from that to make me cringe? yesterday i saw cops pick up a purse on the bus. did they find juicy bits? nothing on this stick but my poems. so whoever uses my poems better be ready to get intoxicated or psycho slapped. maybe a good samaritan will come through. hand me the data and walk away without a smirk. i blame that database that tripped on me. everything was working until i came to run the page. it wouldn’t run. it stalled on something about the server can’t have more than one form. so i started tweaking and debugging and by the time we had to leave the room my head was all paranoid. i saved the code on the stick and left the stick with the code. go figure.

updated. 03/07/2009. Found flash drive. Professor got it. Whew.


2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. oh no! Tell me you have your poems backed up somewhere.<br/><br/>You know what though? I’ve contemplated the possibility of losing all my writings – and while it would suck, I think I’d just pick up and write some more. Gotta keep moving forward with this writing thing.

  2. true that man. whatever you lost you move on. dwelling on the past can really cripple you. but i do have poems backed up in more than one place.

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