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life is pretty much mundane everytime i try to blaze. so i endure like a warrior, part bafflement, part realistic serenity. pretty much tired of “life is what it is, make the most of it” declarations. don’t preach to me mortals. your truth is a cesspool. i must have tried to explode the universe in a former life. karma getting her revenge huh! Earth still needs to be consumed to rise again, a rebirth with a new paranoia? some will keep trying. wish them luck. wish them a karma from the darkest imaginings.
paid another 1600 dollars for the right to code and draw circles that do nothing, and mean whatever you desire. what will that degree get me? i graduate with honors so what? i make me proud everytime i manage to hold thy vomit. still am not desperate. i know what time it is. i know the odds that keep on rising to the roof of hades. i keep my illusion for the dragons. the dragons don’t ever get it twisted.


4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. school is and always has been about 40% – 50%<br/>the better your imagination &amp; talent the easier<br/>it is to get thru – just be a good dragon &amp;<br/>lie in wait…

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