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I never left the house today. Stayed inside getting serious about my web development future. Chatted briefly online with a childhood friend back home in Dominica. He is cool. Got his thing going like the rest of the world. Anything worthwhile will take a lot of soul energy. I feel like I can do whatever I am feeling. I need to do more here in this blog space. The writer needs to write man. It will come together. Another Commonwealth of Dominica brethren chatted with me about the web browser he was coding in VBscript. Good vibes man. I am really feeling that coder vibes. It is art no doubt. So am learning the Java language. Hopefully I stick with it to get to the other level. Hopefully it does not reject my tendency to soliloquize. Will we ever get to the sxsw? Would be mad fun. I could code my fantasies for the right people. Someone would discover me and then world would finally reboot.


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  1. hey B. keep on learning and sharpening your craft- excellent ethics – &amp; yeah always soul-<br/>nourishing when you speak to a childhood friend<br/>who is also into doing his good thing.

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