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Now that I got a new youtube account I can update this seeds madness with some ravenous clips man. This is a neat feature. Wicked vibes youtube. Blazing no doubt. Coders rule the world man. God is the greatest coder. He lends the open source binary for us to change our fate. Everything is code. Cloud, blood, sunlight even. Man can create worlds with code. Eventually he will but we won’t be here. The man that we know now is about to step of the stage. The next level of evolution begins. The instructions are in our DNA. Coded eons ago to be called today. Dormant binary waiting for the trigger. A certain intelligence had to be attained before the upgrade function was initialized. The indigo level is ready. Exciting times huh. Sorrowful times if you are selfish. It’s about us and yet it’s not. At least not in the way we like to expect. It’s about mankind. The persistence of man as a whole.


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  1. Man, I heard a podcast about stem cells. They don’t go by some blueprint, they go by the signals the other cells are sending them. Each one knows what to do once it gets the signal. They adapt to whatever application they’re placed in. Isn’t that somethin

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