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They say that the internet will overtake television in 2010. I believe that television will merge with the net to create one seamless medium. I know the kids for sure are already living that reality. You can basically watch tv online. TVU player streams television to your machine in real time. Just one example of the new age that is dawning. There’s no going back. Sad though to watch how lots of scared people try to delay the inevitable. They keep putting up barriers. The tech juggernaut will be never be stopped.. And let me say something about the media. It is clueless about tech. Reporters better get a grip man. They report about malware and hackers and tech things with a naivety that is pitiful. Mortals whenever you want to get the low down on what is really going down you better off hitting up the tech sites like Sophos and Darknet. I mean I heard a reporter talking about the conficker worm this morning. He goes “and do update your antivirus”. What antivirus is he talking about? Which one gives the best protection? Does he even have a clue? Damn they are living in a bubble man while the truth waits to be revealed.


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