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Straight up open mic later today. our book is published. a student compilation of the best work from our publication writing club. feels good no doubt. i have five pieces in there including a flash fiction piece called spiritual burn. this is where i thrive. no matter what is bugging me as long as i get the words sutured into the canvas then am free. this is my world. a complicated persistence netherworld. would i change it? nay. keeps me alive. turbulence won’t let me die. am constantly feeding on the stimuli that surrounds me. chi and karma bumping heads. yin and yang jostling for first position. does it matter what wins? i reckon something wins today, an idea takes second best. tomorrow who knows what jumps up out of the primeval stream? so this dominica guadeloupe hiphop dancehall mashup got me excited man. it sounds so fresh compared to the mainstream american hip hop. same with grime man. when i saw klickly vid on youtube i was like blown away man. them guys look rough and real. sans gimmicks man. it’s how they live in Guadeloupe man. most of them go there illegally to hustle. imagine traveling on a boat so small that you can literally touch the water. they travel on these to get to the exciting life just next door. it’s how it is man. why should the wealth belong to a privileged few? the hustle is real. their music is real. big up youtube. youtube opened it up for all the warriors. gives us a voice. some want to stop it. don’t get it twisted. only foolish people think that they can stop the march of the new. the new is persistent. it feeds on a dire necessity to remain relevant and fresh. stay fresh or wither. i embrace the new and respect the past. no grudging. big up humanity. God gave us life not to stand and stare but to perform and love everything. dig everything. get the soul rush.

update. Open mic rocked..


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