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The year is almost half way through. By now all promises have been scuttled. I reckon we keep new ones. Still waiting for my monies from my first life. Won’t let that stagnate my new world. I feel fresher than September. A million ideas swirling in my head. Some closer to fruition than others. I stay sharp. I fight the darkness. God oils my lanterns. New York is a rebel life. Gave me back my confidence. It needs more tech though. The infrastructure is obsolete. Where is the ubiquitous WIFI? The always on net needs to be on in the streets and in the subway too, not just in our apartments. The blurring of virtual and real space won’t happen unless the hardware matures enough to take advantage of the apps that are being coded to usher in the metaverse. I feel like America has fallen of the tech grid. Only a few are actually creating and inventing the new tech. Most of us are merely consumers. A select few hold the power. And you can’t count out the venture capitalists. They hold the purse strings. Nevertheless it takes little money to code the next big idea. When it takes off the capitalists comes calling with wads of cash. Either way you can’t lose if you squirrel away a portion of that loot with the hindsight that nothing lasts forever not even Google. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Read about chrome using a much faster javascript engine. The article says that it will make the new web apps a lot more faster. Stallman hates it. Stallman is a purist. There gotta be compromise. I think firefox will have to step up though. Chrome is much faster than all the other browsers and it will get faster. Plus it is a lean machine. We are running it on windows 7 and it rocks. I am ravenously waiting for the Linux version. I know that I can port it to Ubuntu but this netbook atom architecture is another story. Who needs the agravation? I might as well just wait. Linux got cool browsers man like epiphany and galeon etc. When chrome is ready for us we will be ready. Still there are privacy issues. There always is.


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  1. well said. firefox wanted to wear the crown. and we all know what happens to the head that wears it. now they are more targeted and might have to play ‘ketchup’ to chrome in upcoming versions. America too has to step-up. nyc is supposed to be everyone’s dream city. even the future’s. don’t they watch the ever fading tube? don’t they scour net articles and forums? don’t they see what our dreams encompass? tech tech and more tech and even after that.tech again.

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