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I guess I will see how the summer plays out. I do intend to put in work, do my time so to speak. A lot on my plate. Self motivation, constant prodding by my id. Ninja tech and madsane art swelling my mind. At least I know what I need to do to accomplish a semblance of proverbial success. I pretty much need to get mad good in designing database driven websites. CMS is the real thing. Whether joomla or asp.net. I learned a lot this semester especially in that asp.net class. Can’t stop practicing though. Can’t forget the little bugs that cramped my style in the end man. Suddenly my code was tripping and my project spat errors on the screen. It was well worth it though. We learn when we correct the errors. First diagnose, then troubleshoot and fix the offending bugger. Am a better tech ninja for that. Big thanks to Professor Raj and Naples man. Tech ninjas no doubt.

Time to compile that poetry book. The words are written. Time to scar another page. Bleed like life intended. Bleed for me immortal word for you outlast me.


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