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Got the number that I have been waiting for. Is it the mark that revelations said we would suffer not to have? Ah well I have joined the crowd staring at crop circles for signs of aliens. Seriously what do you think the crop circles are? Am not one to dismiss what I don’t understand. I deleted that arrogance long before I could fly. There has to be other dimensions. It could never be that simple. You born you die and that’s the final cut? Something is not right here. Somebody left out something. Somebody deliberately fucked with history to keep us blinded. Now the question is why. Is it about power? I think it is. Knowledge is king. The real truth is divine. He who holds the knowledge controls everything. Our true mission then is to find that truth. It is the reason why we are here. Unless we find it we will never rest in peace or move on to the next level. The fortunate ones acquire this truth very quickly. Some reject it. Most are too caught up dying for mammon. Actually mammon was invented to divert us from that quest. Nothing is at it seems. Everything has been planned. Babylon was conceived Millenia ago. I know there are books that I need to read. I need a lot more training. You better be prepared in this Armageddon we are living in right now. A test is coming. The indigo test. Your success will depend on your awareness..


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