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Got a gig in school working in the computer place doing web development. Tis like a dream come true for now. This is the hands on experience I lusted for. The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. No one can accuse you of standing on the sideline. But would it matter if they do? Not a bit unless they accuse me of being an apostate to my art. Now that’s a different matter. I am writing scripts for the leap that must be made. You always have to plan your way forward no matter how unorganized you are. People might think that you are a slacker but they have no fucking idea of the flood that will be unleashed when the time is right and the stars are aligned properly in the sky. You are your biggest obstacle, your mind that is. Am a push it till my soul bleeds. Am always in the fire. We should do our best every chance we get. Giving your best is the best thing you can do for your soul. Don’t forget your soul man. Keep it excited. Keep it young. Keep it real.
Last night I caught the awards show dedicated to MJ and I gotta say I was disappointed with the Lil Wayne fading mystique. It’s high time to come again. Not every hip hop song is exciting. Seems weezy does not even realize that. He sang a lame ass song about the same old tired themes. I know weezy has mad money but come on man. Where’s the profound vibes? They should have never ended the show with weezy and entourage. Jay-z would have been the perfect artist to lower the curtains. His song about the death of autotune is so poignant. It’s time to bury that insipid beast man. You had your time tune beast. Go rest for another 50 years. I guess T-pain would beg to differ. He actually spoke about haters when he got his award. Sad little man thinking that people actually hate him when it is him that is hating the music by compromising it.


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