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Palm upgraded their Pre OS to sync back with Itunes. What’s the deal about the insane desire for Itunes man? Why is it the most coveted must have music app on the tech planet? Doesn’t matter to me. I have my exaile player rocking the latest tunes. Latest as in Killswitch engage’s latest cd. This is a must have for the rugged metalcore fans out there. Haven’t gone to a concert yet. That’s a shame. Money or the lack thereof sometimes stinks life but you stand your ground with your nostrils flared and maintain your composure. Well school bumped of my classes to fulfill their need for some kind of democratic process or rather economic paranoia in the face of economic downturns whatever that means. I chose the same classes and sailed on. Went to the siren concert last weekend. Was a blast. Got my angry fix of our modern music. Rocked out. Dranked out. Took mad photos. Japandroids was the bomb. Excellent music man. I recommend them a thousand percent. So that’s another siren disappeared with Odysseus. We can only hope for longer breath here. Otherwise am knee deep in CSS stylings. Learning the code hardcore. Reworking a site from tables to CSS. From the grave to the beautiful and passionate birth pang. Good things. Am learning to look at my world with CSS eyes. Long journey. Will get there and then there will get inside me and never return to that web 1.0 grave. Got tons of programming books to read. A bit old though but it’s the same damn code. The same rules apply. Rework the old into a beautiful vision. And where’s that damn new poetry I was suppose to expectorate unto the web? Better get to it sloth king. Stop hanging upside your head poet. Stop hanging poet!


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