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getting a new converse is cause for celebration. haven’t done that in a while. guys in my workspace are gettingn new macs and latest iphones so what am i waltzing about. nothing really but u gotta celebrate when you still have time i reckon.. the gig is really good for my future references. i am learning the essentials. the essentials is the way to start. summer heat is sometimes too overbearing. feel like i have a second skin. nevertheless i choose the heat over winter everytime man. would i choose the iphone 3g s over htc now that i am seeing the awesomeness of the apple signature? no way opensource bubbles in my blood. so am microblogging more often than writing here. i reckon it’s cool though. i will always come here when i have something real serious to say. not that i don’t dent or twitter important stuff. i have more time to think before posting. twitter represents the lifestream constantly flowing. regular blogging can get in there but it is much too slow for the real life stream. gather your thoughts and fire away. you can always twiiter in between lulls in your flow..


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