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the weekend went well. More than well, greater than best. I got to act in a film. Virginity busted with a little part as a sleazy computer worker in a college computer room. Man that was exciting. I mean I came to the set to help my friends do this short film and then I had to fill in. I didn’t flinch. The poet never flinches went to comes to art. This better be the beginning of my film aspirations. I mean came to ny to do just that. Direct my own films. I have written screenplays. They need to be filmed already. I reckon working on a film set is the best experience I can get. So getting little acting parts will definitely boost my feel for the whole movie making process. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Damn a sleazy computer geek. Never saw that one coming poet. And then I ate sushi for the first time ever. Happened in union square. Bought it at the whole foods place across the street. A moment to savor. At first it tasted strange. Then we sprinkled the proper seasonings and the flavor melted sweet in my mouth. I could get used to that raw fish surrounded by rice and seaweed and ginger bits. Union square was wicked man. The real people as always doing what we do best. We did an online interview for innomind. Talked about love and life and people. The usual suspects. Good vibes. Summer is the best time. Plus we are children of the sun. warm blooded artistic fiends etching the journey as we go along. Tis about the journey man. I don’t believe life is linear. You can shift sideways. Step of the grid. Step out of space and time even. That is the ultimate rush I reckon. Imagine how the deity feels.
Imagine watching from the view of a butterfly. Imagine breaking up into infinitesimal pieces and every tiny bit watching with it’s own vision. Then recombine and stream all the views into one big vision. Damn imagine the sweet insanity.


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