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decided to stalk partial vegan again. Happened after I vomited. Felt the need for more cleansing. I reckon it starts with the physical. Then maybe just maybe I will banish ghosts of the faultlines. The fish offerings here kinda sucks though unless you are a chinese food junkie. Best to buy my fish from the fish markets and concoct all kinds of fishy treats. Will see what gives. If I have a job I have fish. Simple as that. They love fish on the asian continent or maybe the fish loves them. Back home in Dominica I got fish like every other day. From nefarious junkies or the fishermen themselves. Didn’t matter. Now the junkies are far behind. Junkies here don’t fuck with fish. I smell chicken everywhere I spin. I smell people too. Humans bleeding. Humans feeding. Humans breeding. Same old doctrines from antiquity. In the matrix we were being grown. That could start with gene manipulation. I grow a techie. You grow a sports hero. Go figure. Might get interesting. I could get to backup my life in my own garden on my very own tree of life.


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