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saw my niece who’s here from the uk last night. Funny how dna is man. She looks like her brother but also like her aunt and got the mannerisms of both her brothers. Said she wanna come back next year. NY can do that to you. Mad city luring the unsubs. Soon enough they get ensnared in the morass of big city callousness. Well labor day is almost here. The beast gonna come out on the packway. The unsubs will try to prey on the innocent. West indian people gonna do their thing to the maximum. Am looking forward to that jam especially the jouvert partying. Last year I was a fiend on the parkway. Lookout world fiendish ways continues unabated. Done know you gotta play hard, come hard, no compromise. The beast never compromises till the worm stinks our breath. Lots of unsubs on campus. Everybody chasing the promise of education promised bliss. Grab your bliss wherever you can. Please don’t stand in my sun. catch your own light. We can share a light whenever you feel like it. Get that angry fix for the end promises misery. Saw sleep dealer. Cool film. Love the atmosphere of the movie. Mad future man. America locking borders. America need cheap labor. Technology solves the capitalistic dilemma.
It’s how it is. Sometimes you can’t even hate the xenophobes sometimes. They can’t help feeling fearful. Everybody wants to feel secure. We all blame outside forces for our helplessness. Tis the nature of the human beast animal. We can’t take responsibility for our weakness. So blood flows endlessly when another despot figures out how to channel that fear into psychotic paranoia. Billy did it. He bankrupted the banks. Let’s kill his seeds so that his kind never repeats their history. And the blood never stops flowing. River red legacy. Beasts out. Brutal music to the soundtrack of our timeline.


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