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So I crave a smartphone real bad but it has to run open source. The HTC dash looks real nice but it runs windows mobile OS. More cash to excavate to get the G2. The desire to control my interface can’t be overstated. Plus this Augmented reality vibes has me salivating man. Tag the world according to your illusion. It’s gonna be crazy out here. Advertisers must be dreaming up all kinds of paranoid schemes to monetize that interface man. I know hackers are way infront the curve. Imagine pointing your smartphone at a building and seeing it’s website? The blurring of realities is almost done. What is real? How do you know what you are pointing at is real? Imagine the metaverse superimposed on the real? You walk through a physical door and come out into a web side street. How cool is that? How disturbing even.


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